For its contribution to health and wellness, the Savannah Philharmonic offers a wide range of integrative medicine programs throughout the community. Integrative medicine, which focuses on treating the whole person, is a critical segment of patient care. When mind, body and spirit are in sync, healing and comfort is afforded the patient. Music plays a primary role in this holistic process.  The Philharmonic is committed to partnering with local organizations that provide health, wellness and medical services in the greater Savannah community.

In conjunction with those organizations, the Philharmonic’s focus is on youth, young adults and other members of the community, particularly from underserved and low-income households, to assist them in dealing with their own paths improved, wellness and/or dealing with major medical issues.

[box_light]Among the staff and families present for the Savannah Philharmonic performance at Hospice House there were two very special patients present. “Ms. G” was happy to join in on the singing as this comes easier for her than speaking! Despite her stroke and other medical issues she can sing and clap along with the music that was sung! “Ms. G” was brought in to watch the performance and surprised everyone at her great response to the music. Though she was fairly unresponsive to most activity, Ms. G opened her eyes, tapped her feet and even gave an enthusiastic thumbs up when asked how she liked the performance! This is a testimony to the power of music and also shows what an uplifting and positive experience it can make for all hospice patients, despite their medical status. The performance also brought a great opportunity for our patients to increase their social interaction with the performers and hospice staff. What a great gift music can bring!

Amy Adams, MM, MT-BC/L
Neurologic Music Therapist


Members of the Savannah Philharmonic Chorus ring in the holiday season with their annual Caroling on Broughton Street. You can also catch the chorus in the hallways and waiting areas of local hospitals singing toe-tapping, classic pop favorites from Abba, Billy Joel, Queen and the Motown era.