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Music & Integrative Medicine

“I love how Jadde is able to play songs from my childhood. It brings back such fond memories for me.”

“I always look forward to the days when the violin plays. It helps to break up my long chemotherapy treatments.”

“The music gives me an opportunity to get out of my room and dance.”

“The music has been inspirational and tension-releasing. I admire a hospital who understands more than a physical healing.”

-Real quotes from Anderson Cancer Institute patients and visitors

 Anderson Cancer Institute & J.C. Lewis Health Center

The Integrative Medicine Program at the Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial Hospital introduces other treatment modalities to help patients heal and cope with their life-threatening illnesses.

The physicians and healthcare team at the Anderson Cancer Institute (ACI) strongly believe that the healing process should engage the physical body, the mind and spirit, and the patient’s family. In response to this belief, ACI developed the integrative therapy services program to provide a wide range of comforting and healing services for patients and families. Among the services offered are massage therapy, reflexology, yoga, art, music, spiritual support, and pet therapy.

Launched in early 2011, the music component was a result of the efforts of Artistic Director and Conductor Peter Shannon. It introduces live music to patients, their families, and their care-takers. Savannah Philharmonic musicians perform twice weekly in the lobby waiting room, the chemotherapy treatment rooms, and in the oncology wards, with chorus members performing every three months.

The impact of the program is both heart-warming and rewarding. Patients routinely come out of their rooms, or ask hospital staff to open their doors. They request specific pieces and share their own experiences with music. The Savannah Philharmonic’s involvement in the Integrative Medicine Program at the Anderson Cancer Institute reflects the importance of music in people’s lives, and in particular, its role in comforting and healing the ill.

The Magic Flute

Peter Shannon, the Artistic Director & Conductor of the Savannah Philharmonic has developed a children’s version of the Mozart Opera, The Magic Flute. The program features Philharmonic chorus members and musicians performing an interactive program, in costume, along with materials that have been designed to be performed in the pediatric wards of local hospitals. The focus of the program is to assist children and youth dealing with health, medical, and life threatening illnesses. The program uses music as a tool to assist in improved health, wellness, and healing or simply coping with a serious illness.