By Katie Martin / Savannah Morning News; featured in Accent

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In an effort to give back to the community, the Savannah Philharmonic has developed outreach programs that aim to entertain and educate, including sending orchestral musicians to perform twice a week at the Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial University Medical Center

On Nov. 4, Conductor Peter Shannon and musicians from the Philharmonic Chorus, along with numerous soloists, opened their performance to the children at Memorial’s Children’s Hospital by performing “The Magic Flute.”

The volunteers from the Philharmonic will continue the performances once a month at the hospital. A grant from The One Hundred, a volunteer group, is providing all project materials so there are no out-of-pocket costs for the Philharmonic.

“The mission of The One Hundred is to promote the health of children in our service area through advocacy, education and financial support of The Children’s Hospital,” said Joan Pierce, president of The One Hundred. “Therefore supporting this delightful production of ‘The Magic Flute’ is a natural fit. We are very pleased to be in a cooperative relationship with The Savannah Philharmonic and Peter Shannon.”

The program is part of integrative medicine focusing in the area of pediatrics. Shannon says that integrative medicine has been proven to help kids in the healing process and the philharmonic is grateful to The One Hundred for making it happen.

“I’m very grateful to The One Hundred club for allowing us to put together a version of ‘The Magic Flute’ to be played for the children at Memorial. We have a very committed group of musicians that are willing to come donate their time and service and the Savannah Philharmonic are really indebted to those people for allowing us to do that and use the resources,” said Shannon.

“It’s all about putting a smile on the kid’s face and maybe helping that child come to terms with their illness or just allowing them to sneak away for half an hour and witness something just really fun.”