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Savannah, GA– The Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra finishes the season with its finale concert at 7:30 pm on Saturday, May 19 at the historic Lucas Theatre for the Arts. The two highly charged, passionate works to be performed include Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 and Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4. An educational pre-concert talk, presented by the Savannah Friends of Music at 6:30 pm, will provide ticket holders with an opportunity to better enjoy and understand the evening’s concert.

“Beginning this last concert of the season with Schubert’s Unfinished symphony is the perfect backdrop to Bruckner’s Romantic, his Symphony No. 4,” says Conductor and Artistic Director Peter Shannon. “Schubert, together with maybe Mendelssohn, is one of only composers to have come close to the genius of Mozart. His sense of structure and scale is perfect. Bruckner has little of this genius, but it is his deeply religious beliefs, which are transferred directly into his compositions, that are truly magnificent. I find his symphonies as convincing in their content as anything written by Mozart or Schubert. Perhaps it is that lack of genius that makes his symphonies more human. You can’t resist his insistence, and, paradoxically, his patience, both of which are inherent in all his symphonies. Knowing that Bruckner saw God in all his works translates into a real spiritual experience for the listener. It’s life in music: a beautiful theme, side themes, struggle, and ultimately, the moment of truth when the orchestra explodes with power. It is powerful stuff!”

Despite his short career, Schubert produced a wealth of classical pieces, most of which are considered standard repertoire. His Symphony No. 8, commonly known as the Unfinished symphony, has layers of intensity and drama tempered with moments of splendor. Often referred to as the first romantic symphony, alluding to classical music’s romantic period, Schubert was obviously searching for his own unique artistic response to Beethoven and came very close to finding an answer with this piece.

Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4, nicknamed Romantic, is one of the composer’s most popular works and is a complement to the Schubert piece. Bruckner wanted this piece of music to be associated with medieval romance, hunting and enchanted woods in the style of the Wagner operas he so admired. Though a humble, quiet, deeply devout Catholic, Bruckner’s symphonies exude a spiritual power and ethereal strength that is truly awe-inspiring.

Finale concert tickets are available for purchase at or by calling the box office at 912.525.5050. Ticket prices are $16 – $55, and $65 for limited premium seating.

The Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra is a professional per-service symphony orchestra. The Savannah Philharmonic Chorus is a community-based auditioned ensemble that works regularly with the orchestra in an oratorio and opera setting, as well as performing a wide range of music from a cappella Baroque to rock and pop standards. For more information please visit